On wedding photography checklist

Going into a wedding as The Photographer requires some preparation. You don't want to be reinventing the wheel or wondering what you've missed while on the scene. Having a list is smart. Avoid excessive formatting so that you can change things on the fly. Here is a checklist that I copied to my Android via Keep.

0: night before: cameras/lenses (zoom, manual), tripod, sync the clock on all cameras, RAW, bracketing off, business cards, charge ALL batteries, format SD cards (allow for 1000+ shots on each camera, plus 1x SD spare/video), test shots, test flash, test tripod, input all venues/locations/time/notes into Calendar for fast access, input and bookmark all contacts and fall-backs (the bride and groom will not have their phones, so use parents, groomsmen, etc.), laptop, 2x flashes, all batteries and chargers, 2x pens, get a good night's sleep

00: allow for travel with sufficient SPARE TIME if something comes up (1h spare), do not stop for any last minute shopping, no eating, and only minimal fluids

000: start location x: WB (auto) ISO auto/100, identify location FEATURES, do TEST shots if flash via ceiling at reception

0000: end location x: MEMORY CARD dump copy to laptop, copy laptop to passport, test thumbnails, format MEMORY CARD

1: HOME: 000, invitation card, bouquet(s), dress (hanging against window, overexposed background), veil, shoes, rings/jewelry (on a shiny surface), bride getting makeup and hair, casual chats, portraits (by window/staircase/hallway/signature-wall) / full length (parents, bridal party), exiting, 0000

2: LIMO: 000, hood/grill/decorations/driver/inside, entering, casually sitting (looking out window), chatting, exiting (against the sun, flare)

3: CHURCH: entry, path symmetry, minister, runway (stage to exit), guests front, guests back, speakers, RINGS exchange, THE KISS, the SIGNING, certificate, ring hands, hugs/congrats, kids being kids, 0000

4: LOCATION : groomsmen lapel pin flower, groomsmen signature pose THE JUMP (warm ups, antics  s200, flash); bridesmaids signature pose THE MOVIE poster, against the sun/lights; with the sun/light, staged couple, staged bridal party, staged character couple (with light, against light, side light for each), casual characters shots of couple; just the parents 2s 4s, from above, all line THE WALK OFF, 0000

5: RECEPTION: put a stack of business cards at entry table, still life shots via tripod ISO50 f22 (entry, tables, name tags, decorations, CAKE, booze), entrances, full bridal party at table, rings hands (if missed at church), guests at tables, food photography (plating, kitchen tripod f5.6), waiter carrying food, speeches, dancing (flash from above, 1s, 2s), f22 via main table with official gift as subject, video of dancing antics (use separate SD), couple walkout, 0000