Art documentation for Marko Hrubyj-Piper

Ever since I arrived at the studios, which is an art factory of sorts, I've been getting requests to take photos of paintings and ceramics at random moments by the resident artists here. But very recently Marko asked me to document ALL of his art work, well a lot of it. We took photos of about 60 pieces in this instance.

This is Marko HP, an awesome dude!

It took a bit of doing, and these were some takeaways from the process.
  1. Everything is not the same, so avoid the cookie cutter approach, where you just try to get through it fast: set up the first piece, snap, swap to the next one like you work a photocopier. Everything is NOT the same, and when I realized that, I had to re-shoot a lot of it with more care.
  2. If something is not working, set it aside and continue to the next piece, just to get the bulk of it done.
  3. A few pieces will need a lot of work and different setups attempts. Try different lighting conditions: ambient, outside, flash. Try a different lens. If that does not work, then walk away, go about your life, and try again later or on a fresh morning.
  4. RAW! I had to rediscover the merit of shooting in the raw format, as JPG's 8bit pixel depth does not give you enough curve adjustment. Surprisingly I found that developing an image from RAW does magic for simple black and white pen drawings on textured paper.
  5. Retouch the correct amount, not too much and not too little. As art documentation goes, the photo must be realistic and true, but also correctly represent the work and its intended aesthetic character.
Here is a preview sampler of what was delivered, in random order:

Here are some shots a few months earlier.

Later I managed to snap a few random shots of Marko in his element.