Cushions n things for The Scally Wag Society

Not so long ago it was a thing to have a fashion accessory made from upcycled materials, like a messenger bag made from a billboard with a car seat belt buckle for a strap. I never got quite around to having one.

Here in the inner west it was a thing to have a bag made from a local Sydney street banner flag. I got my first one from Reverse Garbage.

The Scally Wag Society takes the them and runs with it. Ross asked yours truly to do the product photography for their new range.

The shoot was challenging at first, being a new type of product for me. The edit took even longer. After a deadline extension, I finished processing all of my chosen pics. I'm happy with the results, and so is the client .

What I like about this type of project is that the material lends itself to composition. With a range of .png files, and armed with Inkscape/Illustrator, I had a go. No project is complete without an Instagram post.