The Brief:
  • Back in the 90s, after what was to become more or less the conclusion of my programming career, I picked up two books. One was on HTML, and the other on VRML. It was an exciting time. On the latter and VR, the future of that seems to always be meandering somewhere just around the corner away from the mainstream. On HTML however, that skill had proved itself to be routinely useful. I never developed it as a hardcore skill partly because, like all tech skills, it is a fast moving object and awkward to hang onto unless you work with it every single day.

    Well on again, off again, on again, and I find myself excited about making "websites" again. The variation this time is to is to have a the website folder hosted on Google via GCP. I greatly appreciate this option, having previous experience with setting up LAMP stack servers from bare metal upwards, which used to be a big deal.

    The other morning, over a cafeteria coffee at RNSH, I got the domain which I thought would be a fun thing to do. The alter ego thought bubble went something like notNEWMAN eXperiments dot com. So now, my first GCP site has a fun name, not just an IP.

    This brings notnewmandotcom capabilities to also offer website work. I did not want to rush into this but it is what my clients and friends have been asking about it. So it begins.

  • is a landing page for notNewmandotcom eXperiments, or a spin-off from the notnewmandotcom portfolio. In the first instance, it ticks two boxes: test Google Cloud Platform and build a supporting site for an upcoming exhibition.