Bob Newman

Bob Newman (born Norbert Pomiecko on April 16, 1972, in Szczecin Poland) is a photographer and digital creative, based in Sydney.

Early Life

His family emigrated from Poland to the United States, via Austria. In 1987, during his mid teens, he emigrated to Australia. His family was predominantly Jehovah's Witness. By 2004 he identified as an atheist. In 2005 he became a vegan. In 2018, with the aid of a DNA kit and piecing together family stories, he discovered a Jewish link from Vilnius.

In his childhood he keenly enjoyed arts and crafts, and eventually Lego. In his teens, he took an interest in understanding and designing electronic circuits, computer programming and science fiction.


After completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree (1994), he started work as a programmer. His subsequent career meandered through a series of mostly administrative jobs while he followed his creative interests. One of his current outlets is .