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Jul 30, 2018

Mel with Blogger

Artists make art. Generally artists just want to get on with conducting their practice in their chosen medium -- painters paint, potters make pots, illustrators illustrate and so on. It sort of follows that setting up and maintaining a digital presence as a matter of maintaining a curated portfolio is much less fun, and relegated to among the last things on the to-do list. That is until you need it. At some point in an artist's endeavour they may find themselves applying for residencies and grants. The formalities may suddenly require to show a website.

Recently we made one for Mel. The platform for choice is Blogger, for its numerous benefits including ease of use.

Jul 5, 2018


When you need to convince a someone to let you build something for them, it helps to have a basic sketch on a piece of paper to show your proposition. However, when there is considerable reputation at stake then you can take it to another level with a 3D visualisation. A 3D visualisation is like a photograph, it looks realistic but it shows something that may not have been built yet. Visualisations are like mock-ups, just take a bit more work.

Apr 29, 2018

Product package mock-ups

A quick write-up about about making product package mock-ups. This is about pharmaceutical packaging mock-ups, in just a few steps:
  1. In 3D, sculpt the pill
  2. In 3D, generate a random drop using physics systems. Tools: Rigid Body system, Particle system / Newtonian / object. Separate the particles from particle physics into rigid body physics (pause animation, select the emitter, CNTL+SHFT+A, delete the emitter, select particles, apply Rigid Body Active}. Remove items touching the scene edge. Repeat for several variants (for different color versions).
  3. In vectors, design a product package cover. Iterate using layers and versions.
  4. In 3D, design a scene. Use unwrap.
  5. Final render (sampling at 1024)

Keep in mind that this is an iterative process. You keep going back making adjustments and bringing them forward.

Apr 18, 2018

2018 Backspace Reboot

For quite a bit of time now, I wondered what it would be like to apply new tools to some of my old material. In this instance I revisited an item from the Backspace series. It was originally made from a photograph that was manipulated in photoshop/gimp. Today it got a lot more complicated, in Blender.

Here is the link to the original post. See if you can spot which item was redone.

2018 backspace reboot

Apr 3, 2018

Lada Dedić - The Artist's Brain

Lada's current body of work is a unique combination of MRI scans of the artist's brain and cross-stitch. I documented her works over two sessions, in studio and installed.

.M Contemporary 37 Ocean St, Woollahra NSW 2025

... HCwBB

Mar 20, 2018

Simple promo design

Here is a quick outline for crafting a web banner for a promo slider. I use a 2 phase approach: create a background graphic and add a message. Also, when you need to maintain a slider with upcoming event promos, it is smart to use a template file and just add a layer for each new slide as time goes by. This way you have all past panels for easy reference.


Feb 16, 2018

A black background portrait

When it comes to great portrait projects, there are only 2 ingredients. Number one, the subject has to look tortured. And number two, inventive rare and hard to come by lighting. Fortunately in this instance Alex was a fine character, and I got to try out my new LED lights. Also, we did a conventional daytime shoot earlier, for good measure.